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About Chaya

Chaya Piatt - Personal Chef

Chaya-Leah Piatt is a Jewish chef living in Toronto, Canada. When she isn't chasing her 15 year-old son around the house, you can find her creating recipes and blogging her passion of homemade meals. As an individual who suffers from several food allergies, she always cooks with natural ingredients and keeps this in mind for her clients as a personal chef or Shabbat dinners.

My Background

Having studied at the University of Western Ontario in Biomedical Engineering, Chaya edited research grants until she got married. Her love of family turned her focus towards food, and developing recipes. She has catered anniversary events, Shabbos meals and cooked for large crowds. She is currently a Community Chef for Kosher dot Com and a Certified Chef for LaPiat in Toronto.

Food Blog

Chaya loves developing recipes. She loves the basics,taking from the past and making them relevant to today's world. She doesn't like using too many additives as she is plagued with food allergies. Enjoy reading her blog and seeing what she serves to her family as well as others!