Welcome to Kosheriffic

About Me

Chaya Piatt - Social Media Manager

I'm a Jewish Mom and food is a passion of mine. I live in Toronto, Canada. I have one son and a dog. I also am a social media manager, managing Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Musical.ly and Pinterest. I would love to help you engage in social media.

My Background

Having studied at the University of Western Ontario in Biomedical Engineering, I spent many years editing research grants, until I had a son. Then my focus changed. My comfort level with computers got me into social media management, and my love of family started my interest in food.

Food Blog

I love developing recipes. I also love the basics, taking from the past and making them relevant to today's world. I don't like using too many additives as I am plagued with food allergies. I hope you will enjoy what I serve my family!